Winyl - One Touch Polymer

Winyl One-Touch Polymer
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Needle cleaner for record players One-Touch contains a state-of-the-art polyurethane solid... more
Product information "Winyl - One Touch Polymer"

Needle cleaner for record players

One-Touch contains a state-of-the-art polyurethane solid polymer (PU) specially formulated for exceptional cleaning of the stylus for maximum sound quality.
The polymer is soft, highly elastic and has a high adhesion to remove dust and microscopic dirt that sticks to the needle and causes distortion of the sound. The polymer is designed to leave no residue on the needle thanks to its dry chemical cleaning system, without any liquids.
One-touch polymer is safe and easy to use. Place the system holder on the polymer and lower it slowly until the needle penetrates the polymer, lift it up and the dirt adheres to the polymer surface, leaving the needle clean.
One-Touch polymer is washable and reusable. If the surface of the polymer becomes dirty after many applications, simply rinse with water and gently rub the surface with a finger. Drain and allow to dry. The polymer will then regain its properties for reuse. If you keep One-Touch in good condition, you can use it for years with the same effectiveness as the first day.

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